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Business Powerhouse

Economic development for the entire nation

Prabhu Group is a prominent business group in Nepal led by Mr. Devi Prakash Bhattachan, the Chairman. Deviji first started as a travel agency, slowly establishing itself as a group of companies with a multifaceted business catering to a wide array of consumer needs.
The Group of companies has grown significantly, emerging as a business powerhouse, with more than 36 companies under its umbrella, bringing in a high-level economic boost countrywide.

Banking and Finance








The Group has been providing services at a professional level and has never compromised on quality. With a specialization in the financial sector, Prabhu Group has grown to become a leader in this vertical by diligently satisfying the needs of millions of customers. Since its establishment, the business has been providing differentiated services across the country and expanding and accelerating its services nationally and internationally. Currently, each one of the Group’s companies is a market leader in its category. The Group has over 5,000 employees and nationwide branches comprising agents, counters, and service stations for marketing and after-sales services.
The Group has in-depth expertise in emerging markets and significant investments in banking and microfinance, life & non-life Insurance, TV broadcasting, investment banking, merchant banking, helicopter services, e-business, automobiles, and corporate real estate. Additionally, the Group has accumulated several awards and recognition for having a steady focus on exceptional service delivery.

Mission and values

To be the prime group in Nepal that can understand consumers’ requirements and meet their needs by providing safe, effective, and world-class products and services.

To improve the value we deliver to customers and undertake the responsibility to satisfy customers by providing a valuable product and service.

Strengths of Prabhu Group

Prabhu is an acclaimed brand in the Nepal business and consumer fraternity. With a broad array of companies, the group has a nationwide presence with more than 10,000 network agents. It strives to provide services of excellent quality while aiming to benefit society.


Identifies challenges and transforms them into opportunities for growth


Utilizes and implements innovative technology


Never compromises on the provision of quality service -offering


Considers its employees, customers, and stakeholders to be the strengths of the company and regards their feedback as tools aiding the attainment of corporate goals


Believes that its employees are valuable assets and rewards them for their significant contributions


Has a robust corporate conscience and aims to make a positive social impact


Prabhu materialized as a brand name after successfully establishing Prabhu Travels in 1990 by the chairman, Mr. Devi Prakash Bhattachan. Over time, Prabhu Finance and Prabhu Investment company were launched in 2001, after which the business established a firm footing in Nepal’s banking and finance sector. The group has been expanding and diversifying both in Nepal and the international market.